It’s impossible to scale your business without understanding the concept of scaling yourself. This concept is true for your staff as well.

You scale yourself by delegating tasks, big and small, to others around you. This is counterintuitive for most people because they now have to hand off the things that made them and their organization “successful” to others. It’s scary.

A better word for delegating might be “EMPOWERING.” When you hand things off you empower yourself to grow, and you empower those around you to grow by giving them challenges to triumph from. This helps build stronger bonds between all parties and builds higher levels of trust.

Sure, delegating things to others takes some time on the front end to explain and usually takes time on the back end to review and coach, but the value is exponential.

And if truly applied to all levels of your business, it will build a better culture within your organization…a culture of EMPOWERMENT.

Perhaps the biggest benefit, culturally, is creating an environment where people are TRUSTED to leave their comfort zone. The end result is that people realize they’re capable of a lot more than they thought.

This gives everyone limitless confidence…and sets the business up for limitless growth.