If you were to ask the CEO of any independent financial advisory what the most important thing is to sustain and grow their business, 9 out 10 will say LEADS.

Yet almost none of them are actually the ones calling those leads back… The person assigned to call them back is usually one of the lowest-paid people in the company.

Our advice: CALL YOUR LEADS!

What could possibly be more important, or a better use of your time, than talking to someone who is responding to marketing that YOU paid for?

The worst thing that could happen? You might talk to someone who isn’t qualified for 15 minutes and give them a bit of advice. That’s called good karma and doing something nice for someone!

The best thing that could happen? You’ll leave a better first impression AND have a better chance of closing a first appointment, even if all you do is leave a message.

We follow this same practice at Lone Beacon and even though we know not all leads will be qualified, it’s important to us to give them some of our time and insights. And who knows, they might be qualified later down the road OR they might give us a referral just because they had a nice conversation with us.

Just remember, you’re probably not the only firm calling your leads and if it comes down to YOU vs. your competitor’s assistant then you’ll win that battle every time.

About the Author: John grew up in Schenectady, NY & received a scholarship to Norwich Academy. He began his broadcast management career at WOR, learning spoken word marketing from the best in the business with a specialty in financial and long form. John managed broadcast sales for some of the best known sports teams in the world, at the most legendary stations. However his true passion is in the world of direct response advertising to baby boomers and their parents. In this space he has worked with some of the best brands in America. John lives in Boston with his wife, Melissa who is also a broadcast executive, and French Bulldogs Lou and Sal.