John Capuano

Questioner of Everything

John CapuanoIf you told my high school self that I would build a company that helped to transform the way an industry markets to consumers I wouldn’t have believed you.  With the nudging of my business partner, Greg Dinetz, we formed Lone Beacon, the nation’s most sought after sales and marketing company in the financial world…that was July, 2013.  Today we have three offices, and  work with the most elite financial advisories and institutions in America.

I’ve helped lead initiatives that generate billions in leads every year, developed ground-breaking digital platforms, and allowed our firm to consistently rank among the fastest growing companies in America, but the proudest achievement by far is the thrill of personal and intellectual growth among our staff.

The first 25 years of my career was spent in corporate America, where “questioning everything” wasn’t always the best political strategy.  Ironically, the very things I questioned turned out to be the genesis that built our company and disrupted an industry.  By simply asking “Why?”, and “Why not?” on a regular basis, and being okay to be challenged by those around me has led to success.

There’s nothing easy about building something that’s new and wonderful to the world.  It’s tedious work.  A plan is great, but I’ve learned, first hand, how EVERYTHING is connected in business, and that culture and communication are at the core of it all.

The more we can understand our purpose and position, the better chance we have at building and executing a plan.  This is true with entire organizations, and equally true among each member within an organization.

One of the first things I was told when I began my career was, “The world has never seen more change than it is seeing today”.  That may have been true then,  it may have also been true 1,000 years ago…and it may be true today.  The reality is our world has always been, and forever will be, changing.  So I submit that there never has been, and there never will be, a time when we won’t be rewarded to learn, to try, to be curious, and to question “Why?”.

Some of us are just more enthusiastic than others about participating in, and creating, the change.


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John Capuano is available as an on-air and in-news marketing contributor and commentator. He can also be available for corporate speaking and consultation.

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